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    Error during adding a file in OCR


      O/s - - RHEL

      DB  version - Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release


      SQL> select GROUP_NUMBER,NAME,STATE from v$asm_diskgroup ;


      GROUP_NUMBER NAME                           STATE

      ------------ ------------------------------ -----------

                 1 DATA                           MOUNTED

                 2 FRA                            MOUNTED

                 3 SANDY                          MOUNTED

                 4 OCRVOL2                        MOUNTED


      I am trying to add a file to OCR with configuration


      [root@rac1 bin]# ./ocrcheck

      Status of Oracle Cluster Registry is as follows :

               Version                  :          3

               Total space (kbytes)     :     262120

               Used space (kbytes)      :       3156

               Available space (kbytes) :     258964

               ID                       :  351991965

               Device/File Name         :      +DATA

                                          Device/File integrity check succeeded


                                          Device/File not configured


                                          Device/File not configured


                                          Device/File not configured


                                          Device/File not configured


               Cluster registry integrity check succeeded


               Logical corruption check succeeded


      But I am getting the error as below :-



      [root@rac1 bin]# ./ocrconfig -add +OCRVOL2

      PROT-30: The Oracle Cluster Registry location to be added is not usable

      PROC-8: Cannot perform cluster registry operation because one of the parameters is invalid.

      ORA-15056: additional error message

      ORA-17502: ksfdcre:4 Failed to create file +OCRVOL2.255.1

      ORA-15001: diskgroup "OCRVOL2" does not exist or is not mounted

      ORA-06512: at line 4


      Any inputs/advices regarding this will be highly appreciated.