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    DRM Batch Client Error - ORA03135 connection lost contact


      Hi All,


      We have the DRM 11g installed on Windows machine and migrated this server recently to a new datacenter(DC1) however the database connected to this DRM server is still on the original datacenter(DC2).


      DRM works fine after the migration except for few issues in the nightly jobs scheduled on DRM server for doing exports. The scheduled job is invoking DRM batch client and failing with the following error.



      Unexpected error in drm-batch-client: Error received from DRM Process Manager service using address: net.tcp://localhost:5210/Oracle/Drm/ProcessManager/: ORA-03135: connection lost contact


      However this error does not occur if we restart the DRM services(thru config console) and rerrun the batch client automatically. Looks like DRM is loosing connectivity to the application server process , is it anything do with the timeouts between IIS and Weblogic server ?


      Any insights on this problem would be really helpful.