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    Known issues


      Hi everyone,


      I wanted to make sure we have captured all the remaining known issues.


      • {0} and Null on profile fields instead of names [Partially fixed; still working on]
      • Profile image not visible to other users (except to admins) [Fixed]
      • Issue with editor toolbar getting trapped behind the forum header [Requires theme customization so this may be a while]
      • Forums in other languages not easily identified when searching [Fixed--language is included in parentheses]
      • Fields are not populating when you hit Edit Profile [Fixed]
      • Remove "install bookmarklet" on bookmarks page (feature is disabled) [Fixed]
      • "Sort by activity: newest first" is not actually showing activity in chronological order
      • Forum gurus seeing a "1 point to next level" message in perpetuity [Issue gone with new rewards & recognition program]
      • Some spaces are not showing up in search. [Should be fixed, please report any remaining issues so we can fix on a space-by-space basis]
      • Users reporting forum timeout issues. [Improved, but issues still being reported]
      • Error message when trying to view your followers from your profile. [Fixed]
      • In the "Recognition" portlet area, only "helpful" answers show up, responses marked "correct" do not. [Has new rewards & recognition impacted this?]
      • Users unable to create documents (not enabled anywhere public) [Determined that this should not be enabled, but we should remove the menu option]
      • Crashes when using Safari with iOS 7.1.1 on iPad  (and other general iOS issues)
      • Latest reply does not always show latest reply [Known issue, seems to be related to post editing]
      • Lost features as per What ever happened to the features we lost? [Most of these require customization; please prioritize in Ideas space]
      • Mention of a Patch generates a link to nowhere. [Issue currently under investigation by MOSC team]
      • After selecting default community - redirect user to original URL (not welcome page) [Fixed]
      • Ideas T&Cs declined forever if button is clicked; no way to revert [Fixed]
      • Settings allowing everyone to edit documents/ideas by default [Issue currently under investigation]
      • Settings allowing users to branch posts and delete posts and replies [Issue currently under investigation]
      • Remaining Jive editor errors per List of forum editor issues and bugs [Cases opened with Jive]
      • Errors with helpful and correct answer notifications as discussed here: Latest Acclaim for Helpful and Correct Answers [Has new rewards & recognition impacted this?]
      • Cannot view posting as a pdf[Issue currently under investigation by MOSC team]
      • Attachment extensions are case sensitive. [This will remain a known issue but we have added appropriate messaging]
      • Search is slow [Under investigation.]
      • Links for Latest Acclaims (likes) work for replies of discussions, but not for comments on documents.
      • Skill endorsements may not be working [Issue currently under investigation]


      Thanks for your help as we work on getting all of these issues resolved!




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