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    Default DAL


      Hi all,


      We have a current implementation of Documaker for an Oracle Product. The way we trigger it is via a BAT file that calls, gentnw32, gendaw32, and genptw32.


      When gendaw32 or gendata is run, it triggers a DAL script that retrieves the filename of the PDF to be printed and returns it. We know the Script being called to be named PDF_NAME because we put a Print_it in all DAL scripts in the SETRCPTB file. The question is, how does GenData know that it is this script that it should call, how do we set it, and where does it forward the retrieved filename to.



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          It sounds like you are not sure about what DAL scripts your system is running. If so, then perhaps the following will help.

          Try adding the following INI settings to your system:


          < Debug_Switches >

          DALLIB = Yes

          DumpDAL = ALL

          The system sends the output to the file you specified with the TraceFile option in the Data control group or your default trace file.

          Using DumpDAL = ALL will generate trace information for all of the DAL scripts that are executed.

          You can also set the DumpDAL INI setting to the name of a specific DAL script for which you want to generate debug data.

          You can find information on using DAL via the Windows help file in your Documaker executable directory (DAL.chm) as well as the Documaker documentation web site - Insurance Documentation

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            Some more thoughts.

            It sounds like Gendata is generating the PDF file name using the DAL script but Genprint does the actual print.


            Gendata could be creating a GVM variable that corresponds to a field column in the recipient batch file for each transaction. So you may be looking for a script that sets a GVM variable and does nothing overtly print related. Look in the BCH file to see if you can find the file names in there.


            You need to then look at the INI file for the device name definition used by print. This is either picking up the GVM directly using ~GVM or maybe be running another script to assign the name during banner processing.


            Hope this helps.

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              Yes, the script sets a GVM value for PrtName001 and PrtName002. Are those stock values?


              As for the:

              < Debug_Switches >

              DALLIB = Yes

              DumpDAL = ALL

              Where and how can I setup the output? I don't see anything new with our logfile. Thanks!

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                The < Debug_Switches > INI group is generally added to your fsisys.ini file. There is one more INI setting that you will need to enable debugging.


                < Debug_Switches >

                Enable_Debug_Options = YES

                DALLIB = Yes

                DumpDAL = ALL


                The debug output will be written to a trace file normally called "trace." in the current directory unless you specified your own trace file name using the TraceFile option in the <Data> INI control group.

                If you are using the MultiFilePrint Callback function to produce the PDF files (a normal scenario for PDF generation), then at the end of each transaction, a new output file name using a rolling counter at the end of the file name.
                MultiFilePrint makes the following assumption about the output file name:
                XXXX = four characters that are preserved.
                #### = four characters set to a zero-filled sequence number.
                MultiFilePrint assumes that the original print batch name ends in 0001. The second file opened will be 0002, and so on, up to 9999.


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                  Mr Peabody-Oracle

                  Yes, the point to take from the last replier is that your output names may not have anything to do DAL at all. That could be the normal process of the MultiFilePrint callback functionality.

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                    Alright, thank you guys! I'll try to learn more about it on my own for now. Thanks!