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    the position you chose is currently not in effect


      Hi! I'm working on a Requisition approval heirarchy and have a common approver for a hierarchy tree.

      like illustrated below




      Since oracle EBS does not allow a position to be defined multiple times in a single hierarchy, i decided to Set the Employee (EMP1, EMP2) to Multiple Positions:




      This enabled me to setup the employee to all Hierarchies using his/her corresponding position,


      I completed the setup of ITEM1's Heirarchy successfully,

      however, whenever i set up the Heirarchy of ITEM2, it shows the note "the position you chose is currently not in effect".

      It proceeds fine, but whenever i test a PR using ITEM2's Heirarchy using REQ2's Account, it does not automatically choose APP2 as an approver.


      Any Ideas?

      would appreciate it.