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    TimesTen & BIApps


      We have been asked by a client to apply In-Memory upgrades to an OBIA model running on Oracle Exalytics in order to improve the response times of a number of analyses they frequently use.

      They have Oracle Exalytics with OBIEE and OBIA installed.


      After researching the use of Summary Advisor on an OBIA environment, we were not able to find useful information.


      Although we found this article from a Rittman Mead: http://www.rittmanmead.com/2013/06/using-the-exalytics-summary-advisor-and-oracle-bi-apps-7-9-6-4/ stating “Exalytics Summary Advisor “blew-up” when we tried to run it against the BI Apps repository; using OBIEE (the initial Exalytics-compatible release of OBIEE 11g) the Summary Advisor just wouldn’t run, because the BI Apps repository was just too-complex”. And went on to explain that this issue was apparently solved with the patchset.


      We are looking for any official document to back up this statement so we can face our client and ask to apply this patchset before we undergo this task or to validate with you that this is, in fact, not really necessary.