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    srvctl thinks service is running and stopped at the same time



      has anyone else seen this yet?


      Two node RAC, 11gR1 SE, SLES 11. One instance restarted last night (ORA-00602, ORA-07445), one service did not come up again:

      [DB] oracle@bls0114:~> srvctl status service -d DB -s SERVICE
      Service SERVICE is not running


      OK, let's start it then:

      [DB] oracle@bls0114:~> srvctl start service -d DB -s SERVICE -i INSTANCE1
      PRKP-1064 : Service SERVICE is already running on instance INSTANCE1.


      What? OK, maybe stop it:

      [DB] oracle@bls0114:~> srvctl stop service -d DB -s SERVICE -i INSTANCE1
      PRKP-1065 : Service SERVICE is already stopped on instance INSTANCE1.


      How can srvctl be so confused? Where does it get its information from? I could only get the error to clear by rebooting the node.