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    RIDC: AdfConnectionFacade class to access UCM Connections





      Webcenter and UCM:


      I am trying to interact with UCM through RIDC API. As per the Using RIDC to Access Content Server - 11g Release 1 (11.1.1),

      When I use AdfConnectionFacade class to access the UCM 'Primary Connection' through connections.xml(following these instructions), the connection test always fails. I have deployed the app to a standalone webcenter managed server as well. The code is as follows:


              SecurityContext sctx = ADFContext.getCurrent().getSecurityContext();
              this.userName = sctx.getUserName();
              IdcContext idcCtx = new IdcContext(userName);
              IdcClientManager idcClientManager = null;
              IdcClient<IdcClientConfig, Protocol, Connection> idcClient=null;
              DataBinder reqBinder = null;
              try {
                  idcClientManager = new IdcClientManager();
                  AdfConnectionFacade acf = new AdfConnectionFacade("localUCMConn");
                  boolean ok = acf.testConnection(userName).isSuccess();
                      throw new IdcClientException (acf.testConnection(userName).getMessage());


      And the acf.testConnection fails with the below message:

      IdcClientExceptionweblogic: Failed: IdcService='<NONE>', cause='oracle.vcr.jam.JamRepository cannot be cast to oracle.stellent.ridc.convenience.adf.connection.RidcConnection'


      I can surely use a db based property or a text file to lookup the UCM socket connection details, but, this way, I believe it will be more configurable from the EM Console.

      Still, can someone enlighten me on what is the standard approach for accessing connection details and also, how to configure the connection details in EM console, as I could not see 'Content Server' type connection in the list.


      P.S: Posting this query here, as it seems more of an ADF and webcenter related query than a UCM/RIDC one.