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    toolTip_enable arrow orientation


      Hi, I've been searching a lot about this but I can't find a solution.


      I'm working with Apex 4.2.


      The thing is that I don't want the tooltips been down of the items all the time, both because aesthetic and functional reasons.


      But with the function toolTip_enable provided in the desktop_all.min.js library there's no way that I can set it right. It's hardcoded to the up arrow with a reference to a file named "arrow2.gif", in the toolTip_init function. I tried to customize the init function succesfully but i don't know which the references to the down, left, right arrows are, or if they even exists, I'm guessing that they do because in the development area are used.


      So, any chance that anybody know what would be the file names? (I've already tried with arrow1.gif,arrow3.gif,etc);


      Thank you for your time.