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    Preventing the display of data reversal in SmartView


      There is a bug in that results in the inability to create ad-hoc grids in new sheets or workbooks.  The bug triggers if you have a worksheet using HSGetVal() functions and you include a formula in those cells that refers to another cell(s) that also contains a formula. We have many reports that do this using Date functions in order to prevent the Periodic display of the large reversal of P&L data that occurs in actuals when data is loaded YTD (it shows up in the next period after the last period in which data is loaded).   The date functions compares today's date with the period of the current column and does not run the HsGetVal() if today's date is earlier than the date in the column.


      Because of this bug, we can no longer use this solution and users get very confused when they see the large data reversal.


      Sorry for the long introduction on this.  My question is whether anyone out there knows of another way to prevent the display of this data reversal.  I don't see anything in the SmartView options but maybe there's an HFM setting?


      Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.

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          I don't thing there is any setting in Smart View that can actually does it.


          I can think of two options...

          1. Do it within the system (If it is Essbase/planning) to the functionality you are expecting

          2. As you are saying lot of formulas, I think you can prevent those formulas and use Excel VBA Macros along with Smart View API and build the logic what you wanted...I know this would be a lot maintenance when your templates change a lot




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