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    How to set bind parameter for Detail VO query in hierarchical tree



      I am using JDeveloper with webcenter extension.


      This is my case: I have VO with select query VC for "Master" data. The same VO is connected through viewlink to self by parentID. In AppModule is viewCriteria applied to master. Both VO have bind parameter to filter records by status. But when I set bind parameter then master records are filtered and chidren are not. I log value of bind parameter in executeQueryForCollection and I see first time parameter with value (VC is applied) and second time is null.

      I tried to put on page bindings separate iterator for each VO and execute separate method action for bind parameter setting. Nope.

      I tried to put on page bindings executeWithParams for childrenVO and execute it after master's execution. I caused 3 times execution: master with right parameter, child with right parameter and child with null.

      I tried code executeQueryForCollection to setParameter. Now parameter is set but query ignores it.

      I tried code executeQueryForCollection to replace parameter with value but it causes wrapping query so many times that it ends with java.sql.SQLException: /ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended/ ORA-00904: "t1"."c1": invalid identifier

      I tried remove binding parameter, client and all methods and executeQueryForCollection changes value in query directly. This causes same error as previous paragraph.


      Please help me.

      Thanks in advance