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    About JDeveloper future

      Hello to all,

      My new -and very small software company- selected JDeveloper to make all the software -BPEL, WebServices and JSP / JAVA- and we are thinking about make the best choice with ADF by example. ADF is donated to Apache, so, ADF will dead in JDeveloper next releases? Will be change to MyFaces and the code will not be reusable?
      Eclipse and Netbeans are updating daily -and it's not like to me- and I am a bit afraid if JDeveloper will join to one of the two major IDEs.

      Greetings, and excuse my poor english.

      Miguel B.
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          IMHO, the "open source" is a greate concept but a private company still is needed to make a product that can offer good design, real usability, marketing, and user support. For example, while many people say that OpenOffice "can do everything that Microsoft Office does", I switched back to MS Office, paid the full price, and find myself much more productive with a commercial product than with the open source product.

          JDeveloper has good design, and good usability, the version 1.0.2 in particular... -- Priit
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            Yes, I think as you. But perhaps in the next year, Eclipse become more popular and finally JDeveloper turn to integrate to it -or make a fork- We are working with Oracle only this month, and we know that the big market to Oracle is the database. So, we like to know other people with more time thinks about this item.

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              Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle
              JDeveloper is here to stay.
              May I suggest that you listen to this podcast to get the full details:

              Basically - Oracle needs a tool that will let it develop Fusion (Oracle+Peoplesoft+Siebel) applications in a productive way. Neither Eclipse nor Netbeans are even close to the productivity that JDeveloper and ADF provide.
              (see this demo to get the idea - http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/jdev/viewlets/1013/fusion.html

              ADF Faces was donated to Apache to make sure that JSF would be succesful - the more people using ADF Faces the better it is for Oracle.

              We are currently working on Release 11 of both JDeveloper and ADF which will offer even more productive developmen experience.
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                Ok, Thanks a lot, I believe in Oracle because, I think that it's the future in the net and in the real business world.

                Only one question more, the 11 version can be preview in this year? Can export 10g projects to 11? All our works will go now to v10.

                Thanks, again and greetings from Spain.
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                  A short note on productivity experience:

                  I think that besides the highly visible aspects of productivity -- like code reuse, many aspects of the tool affect the productivity, and do that often in complex and subtle ways.

                  For example, I used JDeveloper 1.0.2 for a relatively simple work (html + css + javascript, no database) and after a while noticed that not only did I work faster but I could produce work of higher quality as well.

                  But I find hard to attribute that increase in quantity and quality of work to any single feature of the tool. I could do much the same editing in Notepad, I could organize my files in Windows folders.. One thing that seems to have a subtle yet significant effect is that Navigator encourages you to organize your files better -- the two-tier structure (applications and projects) that can differ from how files are stored, is a better yet non-obvious way of organization -- it is useful to have three different structures of files: deployment structure, web development structure, content development structure.

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                    Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle
                    I can't comment on the 11 version release date, but you can be sure that projects from 10.1.3 will be able to upgrade to 11 - this is something we always provide.
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                      I tried MyEclipse + MyFaces and Jbuilder prior to discovering Jdeveloper. Jdeveloper is much further ahead in capabilities and a much more advanced product in my opinion. ADF Faces provide the capability to produce very professional looking applications / web sites and the ADF Framework can save much time writing code integrating the view layer to the model (along with other tasks.)

                      I hope Oracle continues to invest in this IDE into the future.
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                        I'm finishing a 3year project with JDeveloper.
                        I began the web view development when JSF/ADF wasn't in production yet so I had to use ADF/Struts.
                        For that reason I'm still using the 10.1.2 version.
                        I hope that Oracle will still provide ADF/Struts in the JDeveloper 11 version.

                        Please don't forget us!