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    Programmatically resubmitting a message from backend applications


      The documentation for B2B indicates that the Instance Message Java API can be used for resubmitting message from a back-end application, as quoted from the documentation below.


      Programmatically Accessing Instance Message Data

      Instance Message Java API is a Java API provided in Oracle B2B to retrieve runtime data that is exchanged between Trading Partners.

      Some Instance Message Java API use cases include:

      • Resubmitting from a back-end application
      • Checking the status for a particular order number
      • Payload introspection by a back-end application
      • Checking the remaining retries for the message
      • Checking the wire message of the payload


      This seems to be very desirable feature provided to application developers. However, when I examined the API methods exposed by InstanceMessageUtil and InstanceMessage classes, I could not figure out how to achieve the "resubmitting" function using the API.


      The command line tool does have a utility for resubmitting messages. But exactly what class and API methods should we use to implement the use case "

      • Resubmitting from a back-end application

      " cited above?