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    Changing Java EE Web Context Root

    Vladimir Tsoy



      We are using JDeveloper 12.1.3.


      I'm trying to add Maven to an existing Fusion Web Application that was not using Maven so that I can automate the build of the application. (We are using Jenkins CI server)


      I'm also using ojdeploy maven plugin to build the actual EAR. I was able to successfully build the artifact and deploy it in our repository. Now according to our process QA would deploy the artifact on WebLogic server and test a feature.


      The problem is that the server already has an application running with the same context root but this EAR was built using code from a different branch. So because of that QA is unable to deploy more than one EAR for that application on the server. 


      I've tried to change the context root via plan.xml and WebLogic Admin Console but had no luck.


      So I was curious what options are out there to change the context root of an application.