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    Custom page if Presentation Service is down in OBIEE 11g

    Nagendra Narukulla

      I am trying to display a custom message when BI Presentation services are down. Currently it gives ERROR-500 which is generic and the user might be confused with the whole server down.


      I tried to follow the changing analytics.ear file as suggested in some blogs.


      I need to help in finding out location for /errors/500.jsp


      i have gone through these file in web.xml







      Need to change the message in this 500.jsp file. But i couldn't find the file in Linux server.

      Any help is appreciated.



      Nagendra Narukulla

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          Hi Nagendra,


          Please try the following:

          • Locate the analytics.ear in your Oracle BI Home directory. This will be /Oracle_BI1 (or whatever you chose to name your Oracle BI Home on install)/bifoundation/analytics.ear. So in our example scenario, this would be located at: C:\OBI\Oracle_BI1\bifoundation\jee\analytics.ear • Make a backup copy of the ear file so that you have a restore point to refer back to (and revert to) if needed Note that we do not support updating the analytics.ear file, you must stop, remove the previous analytics.ear file before deploying the new one.

          • Unpack the analytics.ear file to a temporary location, using the Java jar tool. Use the command line options xvf to extract the contents to the current working directory (e.g. C:\OBI\jdk160\bin\jar –xvf C:\OBI\Oracle_BI1\bifoundation\jee\analytics.ear), so you will probably want to create a temporary directory to hold the unpacked contents and change into that directory before running the command.

          The ear contains a META-INF directory and two war files, analytics.war and analytics-ws.war

          • In the META-INF directory, there is a MANIFEST.MF file, add the following line to the end of the file: Weblogic-Application-Version: 11.1.1 Note that it has been reported that when re-applying these steps following the application of BI BP2 patches, this step to update MANIFEST.MF should be ignored as the new analytics.ear file is not versioned.

          • Unpack the analytics.war file to a second temporary location; it contains a default.jsp file and five top-level directories, one of which is called WEB-INF.

          • in the WEB-INF directory, you will find an existing file called web.xml. Edit web.xml, for example by adding:

          <error-page> <error-code>500</error-code> <location>/500error.jsp</location> </error-page> 

          Make sure there are no hidden characters and check the quotes are correct for your platform.

          • Once you have edited the web.xml , repackage the analytics.war file, again using the jar tool, and, in turn, repackage that back into the analytics.ear file. Next we need to redeploy the analytics.ear file to Weblogic

          • Log into Weblogic Admin Console and click on Deployments

          • In the Change Centre at the top left, click “Lock and Edit”

          • Find the analytics app and click the tickbox next to it, then click on the Update button

          • In the Update Application Assistant screen, make sure the deployment path is the same as the ear file you just updated, if not change the path

          • Click Next, then Finish

          • In the Change Centre at the top left, click “Activate Changes” to save your changes. If you have not already done so, restart the Weblogic Admin Server and all Managed Servers


          Note: You would need to create a .jsp file with your customized message and place it in ..OBI_11117\Oracle_BI1\bifoundation\jee\analytics\analytics and modify the tag <location> <customerrro.jsp</location> under web.xml file.




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            Nagendra Narukulla

            Hi Sareesh,


            Thank a lot for your help.


            It helped.



            Nagendra Narukulla