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        You should be able to view other users' profile pictures now. Now I'm not the only one who gets to see everyone's faces!

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          Hi Monique,

          it works today, nice bird. Are there any pictures of your cheese weasels available ;-)



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            Sometimes when I click on pictures I get a brief error message in a box, too fast to read.  I think it is complaining about not being able to get the window that pops up when you hover over the picture.

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              Initial post has been updated again. I added a couple of things to the bottom since we're rolling out some other fixes. Please continue reporting anything that you find.

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                I don't know if the following is a bug, but I wonder whether this behavior is wanted:


                1. A starts a discussion
                2. B replies
                3. A replies to B


                When user B delete the message (no. 2), the following dialog appears:

                Screen shot 2014-09-26 at 11.00.08 PM.jpg


                If user B clicks on Delete, posts number 2 and 3 in the above example are deleted.


                I think the solution is that users should not be able to delete their post if there has been a response to the post; this is how it worked or was configured last year under Jive 5.


                But people should never be able to delete other people's posts.


                If this is not a configuration setting, perhaps deleting could be removed or disabled, like it was in Jive 4, where people had to edit a post, remove the content and type e.g. "withdrawn".

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                  What is this gamification of which you speak?

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                    What's happening with the "View as PDF" action item? When I open a thread and click on View as PDF it shows  "Waiting for community.oracle.com..." and finally showing a Gateway Timeout error.


                    The PDF action has not been working already in previous versions of the software. Unfortunately, it's the only option available to save a thread that contains multiple pages.

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                      Well, IMO, members should not be able to delete any posts, not even their own, as someone may be in the process of replying and it could waste their time.

                      Better have deletions controlled by moderators/admin (within moderators permitted abilities) so that a member has to request and give good reason for having their posts removed.


                      Certainly they should not have the ability to move, branch or delete anyone elses posts.

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                        I think people should be able to delete their own posts.  People replying to posts should quote the relevant parts so the parts don't disappear into the ether.


                        Consider threads that are hundreds or thousands of posts long (yes, some boards have had those - you can infer they are the most interesting).

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                          I think it does not really matter whether people can edit their posts or delete their posts, but I think deleting a post including the replies from other people is bad. It leaves too much room for possible abuse. For instance, if someone write  something stupid or does not like my answer, they can delete their post and my response too an waste my time.

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                            I still get logged out, additionally now the login page does not remember my user name.






                            Start Firefox  8:30 MESZ

                            Server acmmv1118

                            Loginpage - no user name


                            Refresh 8:55 still logged in

                            Refresh 10:25 logged out

                            Login - automatically

                            Refresh 12:05 logged out

                            Login - user name is missing


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                              Okay thanks for the detailed report; I will pass it on.

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                                What about the strange settings that allow everyone to edit documents and ideas by default?

                                What about regular users being able to branch posts and delete posts including responses?

                                What about the Jive editor?

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                                  I got the same Gateway Timeout error when I tried to view a posting as pdf. In my posting  on OSC sideCannot view posting as a pdf, I was told that development is working on it.

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                                    Thanks, I have added that to the list.