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    The cube has no data


      First I come across the error :ORA-35571,from the forum I solve my  problem though setting the number to zero( the value of "Maximum Number of Errors Logged Per Maintenance Step"),but the cube  I build has no data,and while I maintain the cube ,the load is all succeed,the compile and the update have some is still  in process and finally when maintain the cube  successfully, the data is missing,so I should how to modify the cube.

      I  want to know whether my fact table has too errors or others?

      maintain the cube.jpg

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          Ken Chin OLAP Option-Oracle

          Setting "Maximum Number of Errors Logged Per Maintenance Step" to zero does prevent the ORA-35571; however, the fact that an ORA-35571 was appearing indicates that there were errors loading the data possibly the dimensions.

          By setting "Maximum Number of Errors Logged Per Maintenance Step" to zero, you have disabled the logging of errors to the CUBE_REJECTED_RECORDS and CUBE_DIMENSION_COMPILE log tables.  From the screen shot above, it appears that none of your dimensions are loaded with any data.  This is why your cube appears to have no data because its dimensions have no data.

          To find out what the errors are, you need to set "Maximum Number of Errors Logged Per Maintenance Step" to a nonzero number (perhaps to a significantly high number like 10000 depending on you DB storage limits), and then rebuild the cube and dimensions.  You should be able to view the errors in the above dialog by clicking on the Rejected Records or Dimension Compile tabs.  You can also query the CUBE_REJECTED_RECORDS and/or CUBE_DIMENSION_COMPILE tables directly.  These log table should hopefully contain enough information to diagnose whether the error lies in the dimension and cube fact tables or the mapping settings for the dimension and cubes.

          Ken chin

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            But my dimensions is all already maintained successfully, only while maintain the cube , it still come cross the errors, I conduct the two test :

            Firstly: I set the “Maximum Number of Errors Logged Per Maintenance Step” to 1000000 and four dimensions include the starting, terminus, cargo, time; The cube can maintain succeeded. And I can check the data from the cube,

            data (only four dimensions).jpg

            Secondly, I set the same 1000000, but I add the sender dimension(all Chinese and some number) to dimensions, so my dimensions turn to five, the AWM said ”when maintain the workspace, some data come across some problems, please check the REJECTED_RECORDS ”; So I check the CUBE_ REJECTED_RECORDS,(SEQ_NUMBER IS 425, ERRORS:35573, ERROR_MESSAGE IS XSRWLD09, RECORD IS 27345,SOURCE_ROW IS null ,REJECTED_RECORD IS messy code);


            the CUBE_DIMENSION_COMPILE has nothing


            I think it might be caused by my sender has too many nulls, so I delete all the nulls, but I come across the same errors. Can you help me to find the errors ? And  I also  want to know what’s the SEQ_NUMber?

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              After I modify my data ,my cube and all dimensions are maintained successfully. But while I view the cube , AWM also come across the errors:

              Subject:  BIB-9509 Oracle OLAP did not create cursor.

              he server occur the errors:

              oracle.express.ExpressServerException: OLAPI

              DPR: TxsOqDefinitionManager::crtCurMgrs4

              OES: ORA-33674: Data block size 73 exceeds the maximum size of 60



              I have searched this forum and looked at ORA-33674: Data block exceeds the maximum size of 100 bytes  and Can not display long derived measure - ORA-33674 

              I think I should increase the attribute size,but DavidGreenfield said I file a service request (SR) with this problem.I want to know how to file the SR and how to set the attribute;  can  you help me to bump up the attribute,thank you very much.

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                Ken Chin OLAP Option-Oracle

                The way that you would file an SR would be to contact your Oracle Support Representative, and he or she should be able to help you enter a service request.  Please enter an SR.


                One thing that you can try is to query the views created for the cube and its dimensions just to verify the data.  You should be able to see the Views that were create in AWM under the View node under each dimension and cube.  This View node will also allow you to see the view column size for your dimension attributes which might be causing this issue because I think the view column size for a certain dimension may be 60 where as the data it is viewing is bigger.


                To answer your question above, the SEQ_NUM is a foreign key to the Cube_BUILD_LOG table.  The following query joins the Reject records table with the Build log table:


                select build_id "Maint Id",

                  build_object "Object",

                  build_object_type "Object Type",

                  partition "Partition",

                  command "Operation",

                  error# as "Error Number",

                  error_message as "Error Message",

                  record# as "Record Number",

                  rejected_record as "Rejected Record",

                  source_row as "Source Row"

                from cube_rejected_records r,

                (select distinct seq_number,






                  from cube_build_log where build_id =<maintenance ID that shows up in the build status dialog>) c

                where c.seq_number = r.seq_number


                The error that you specified above in the screen shot of the rejected records log is:


                ORA-35573: (XSRWLD09) An incoming dimension value is null.

                    Cause: A source value for a dimension is null.

                    Action: Ensure the source data for the dimension is not null.

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                  Thank you very much for my questions, through your answers I acknowledge  how to find errors, While I try to find the  service request through the link My Oracle Support,

                  Add Support Identifiers.jpg

                  Due to my Oracle is got from the web freely,so I don't how to create an SR,I wonder whether only purchase to be eligible for the service???

                  And Whether there are other ways to solve  the error:ORA-33674: Data block size 73 exceeds the maximum size of 60. And I wonder my date max the length of the character is 57, but  the errors still show the block size is 73,


                  From the View node I  see the view column size for my dimension attributes,I find the DIM_KEY Of SENDER2_VIEW  is varchar2(60).Also I review my data changesender of table ALTERHPK, I also find the data type is varchar2(70), so even my fact max  block size is 57,and the max byte is 69, the AWM still show the error:ORA-33674: Data block size 73 exceeds the maximum size of 60,so I must find other ways to deal with the errors.Can you help me ?I am looking forward to your reply.

                  My AWM version is 112040B ,Oracle is 11.2, Thank you very much.DavidGreenfield@ user713408

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                    Ken Chin OLAP Option-Oracle

                    OK, one thing that you can try is to manually increase the size of your dimension attributes for the Sender dimension in AWM.  To do that, expand the Attributes folder, and then select the attribute that you wish to modify in the AWM navigator tree.  On the properties panel on the right hand side, select the Implementation Details tab, uncheck the Detect Data Type checkbox if it is checked, and then manually set the data type size.  You may need to maintain the dimension again to see the changes.


                    You may also wish to query each column off of the SENDER_VIEW to see which attribute has the data type error.

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                      Thank you very much,I have solved  my problems.