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    External activities and lead scoring.


      Hi everybody,


      I'm making this case for everyone out there new to external activities on Topliners! I'm going to spell it out so everybody can understand the challenging facets one may face when dealing for the first time with external activities in combination with lead scoring. Not that we have solved this challenge already, that's why I thought it would be a good idea making this question.


      Me and the team I'm working in now are currently having challenges with trying to properly configure the external asset proces so that it might eventually get lead scored.


      Eloqua support described in a ticket to us that we should forget about the name and only add the response rule that contains the asset type and asset activity. So not the name.

      We took this to heart and did the following:


      1: Made an external activity:  (see image underneath).                   

      For eloqua topliners External activities 1.png

      2: Made an response rule: (see image underneath)


      For eloqua topliners External activities 2.png

      3: Made a campaign named External Activities Test ABCD. Gave it a reporting rage and saved a campaign ID called: ABCD.

      4. Made a lead scoring model (see image underneath).

      For eloqua topliners External activities 3.png

      5. Activated lead scoring model and activated campaign.

      6. Uploaded a testfile directly into the campaign above mentioned: It looked like this: (see image underneath).

      For eloqua topliners External activities 4.png

      7. Wait: Only...nothing happened...


      If you (my Topliners family & friends) could be so kind as to check out the plan we have executed, and see if we acted wrongly in some small matter, it would be greatly appreciated!


      Kind regards,


      Robert Nagelmaker.

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          bdyer, I made a question describing all the steps. This to continue the conversation that took place in Loading External Assets not working today. Hopefully you can shed some light on this! Thanks in advance, Robert Nagelmaker.

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            Hi bdyer


            I've got the same issue as Robert, I was wondering how you fixed it, everything is working except scoring on external activities.

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              OK, I'm not scoring external activities at the moment...only because for us external activities like a booth visit, we automatically push over as qualified - per our sales team request.


              My assumption as to why they aren't being scored still could be that when you uploaded the activity, you didn't upload in the campaign itself - that is in the physical specific campaign view in Eloqua.  If you didn't, you have to add the Campaign ID field in your file and make that connection.


              The other assumption I'd make is that the external activity is not triggering an action that the lead score program sees as an action to trigger the scoring model to run on those leads.  In that case it would not run again until the evening when it scores your whole database. 


              I'll keep noodling on it too, because I'd like to do a separate scoring model for external activities just to see what I'd get.

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                Can you tell me at least if your test leads are registering as having made an activity in your campaign after you do the upload?

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                  Hai Britt,


                  Those are also the two possibilities I could think of.


                  I wanted a clean sleeve, so I created everything new to make this question and well, this results in that I just recently uploaded (an hour an a few minutes ago) and that they have not registered unto the campaign yet. But this takes a small while Eloqua Support said to us in previous cases. I will give you an update in two hours if that's ok.

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                    As promised, I'd reply with status. The contacts haven't been registered as a participant in the campaign and neither did they get an external asset assigned to them. This might have to due with me leaving the column, asset name blank.


                    I did this because Eloqua support literally said that name should not matter and a combination of a type and activity is of vital importance when selecting response rules.


                    I will upload 3 new contacts emails with an asset name, maybe this will trigger it, regardless of the response rule and external activity, because neither of those two have anything to do with the asset name.





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                      OK, you guys had me wondering...I checked some recent campaigns I uploaded external activities.  I'm not getting those showing up either.  Insight is showing 0 external activities even tho the upload email confirmation says it marked it.  Ugh.


                      So it looks like we can't eliminate that reason they aren't being scored until we figure out how to get that tag working...

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                        We are having the same issue. We have the external activities showing up in profiler, so they are hitting the activity table, but we are failing to be able to score on the same activity, as they do not seem to be hitting the Campaigns/Response table. If anyone solves this in the next day or two please let me know.

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                          I think I have the responses working.  I stopped loading them from within the actual campaign and instead did it at the campaign overview page.  I added the campaign ID in the doc I uploaded and the response was tracked. 

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                            Thanks Britt, that sounds like the exact process we are using. But it is still not showing up. How do you have your response rules configured?

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                              Hey Robert -


                              I'm not sure if this has been resolved, but there are some steps from your process that are missing - check out this tutorial The specified item was not found..  It has some pieces you're missing like how to actually generate the activity against the contacts, maybe you've done these steps and just didn't include screenshots but just incase you haven't I thought it might help to share this.




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                                Jay Gandhi

                                Hi Lauren,


                                I am getting a restricted workspace error when I try to access the tutorial. If it's something you own, can you grant me access?




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                                  Hi Jay -


                                  Sorry I'm not the owner of that content but I too get that error.  Not sure what happened there, but I also get a message with the error that says it is scheduled to be posted on May 11.




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                                    Hi Lauren,


                                    In the beginning, there was only that tutorial. Which did not actually help me a lot, because of the SalesForce integration and how that got shed light upon. This wasn't helpfull for my cause in any case. As we don't use SalesForce.


                                    Now it did have some interesting aspects which helped, but most of it I figured out by just trouble shooting/testing it out. Now to generate an activity, I am well aware that you fill in an asset name and Voilá! It magically is created as a background-job


                                    This was a try out though, since neither of all the possibilities (yes, even filling in the asset name ) had result. This was due to a bug in Eloqua, I can't say that 'it' was not working, but I can say that a lot of companies were struggling with it. Then after the patch, it suddenly did work.


                                    To get back on track I plan on making a detailed instruction guide how-to for every newbie/vet in this great community! lkincke If you'd like to help in that, that's more then welcome.

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