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    Green number on a Campaign Canvas email

    Andy Ball

      Hi there, I'm relatively new to Eloqua & whilst I'm starting to do some basic campaign work (batch sends etc.) I'm also trying to fully understand what I'm seeing.


      On all three batch sends I have conducted there seems to be an 'unknown' green number On the top right corner of my email step. (please see circled number below)


      campaign mailshot green number query.png

      I'm aware that it represents something and I only state it as unknown as having done a full 'insight' breakdown of the batch send statistics, the number doesn't seem to marry up to anything, therefore I'm at a loss as to what it represents.

      In one batch send, the number initially matched the full number of contacts sent to, but then decreased & I'm unsure why. My thought was perhaps it was contacts still yet to send to? (as I know eloqua trickles them through every 15 minutes) however if that is the case then after 5 days of a campaign running on the one above, there's still 819 indicated as left to go and I'm unsure why... (there should have been ample time for them all to flow through)


      Could anyone enlighten me please?


      Kind regards,


      Andy Ball