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    Vidyard Cloud Connector Enhancement Suggestions

    Brad West

      If anyone isn't familiar with the Vidyard solution (with Eloqua cloud connector) you should definitely check it out!


      As with all things new and shiny, there's always room for expanded functionality / enhancements.  I though I'd post them in Topliners so other Vidyard users might be able to provide input as well.



      • Add Date/Time Watched field to CDO so you can utilize standard Eloqua date/time filtering functionality



      • Create some kind of out-of-the-box JavaScript executable function that could be applied (or event listener) to a custom Eloqua form that is put within a CTA that could read the email address field of the form being submitted, then make the "connection" triggering the CDO data push.



      • Have Vidyard keep their own historical database of "unidentified" watchers; track using Eloqua GUID (cookie ID). 
      • Every time a KNOWN person comes to the database, check to see if the same Eloqua GUID is found with any history records that don't have an email address; push data.


      Potential Data Push Scenario 1:

      (although I could see this adding too many CDO records for some clients)

      • Add GUID field to CDO
      • Push partial CDO data every time any video is viewed
      • Repush updated historical data with email address (with same UUID) when person becomes known.


      Potential Data Push Scenario 2:

      (could see where this might generate confusion for reporting within Eloqua, all of a sudden video view numbers for past months "spike" when someone who has a history finally becomes known)

      • Push CDO data only when email address is identified.
      • Push both new & (newly identified) historical data
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          Great suggestions Brad - feel free to keep them coming. We learned a lot while down in Orlando at #EE12!

          COMPLETED: DATE/TIME TRACKING - This has been put on hold as per Kristin's ability to find a work around in the post below.


          COMPLETED: CREATE FORM SUBMIT TRIGGER/EVENT LISTENER - I'm not sure what you are trying to do with our call to action builder here. If it is an Eloqua form within a call to action, that is certainly do-able (pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll). For the mid-roll or post-roll optons, this is not an 'out of the box' implementation. It requires you to customize the call to action/form to meet your objectives. In the event that an Eloqua form is used, the new contact is pushed into Eloqua within 10 minutes of the view event. Are you trying to pre-populate a form?



          We implemented the ability to have "unidentified viewers" be tracked until they are known. Eloqua operates with 2 tables, a "Visitor" table and a "Contact" table. We are storing the Eloqua GUID to keep track of their viewing habits. The minute a connection on Eloqua is made between a visitor record to a contact record, we wil pipe in all viewing data for the unknown visitor.


          It is worth knowing that we pump this data through regardless of where the video has been embedded.

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            Kristin Connell

            Hey Brad! I love this post and will definitely provide input as I have it! I'm implementing Vidyard now - and since our MarComm team doesn't maintain any internal files of our video content, I'm downloading our videos from YouTube, which YouTube so very kindly allows me to do at the rate of 2 per HOUR (we have 200 active videos - it's painfully obvious that we need better processes here, which will be fodder for another post, another time).


            Anyway, back to my love of implementing a new technology! So, I set-up the connector (which was easy-peasy and I wish the various web conference vendors could come up with something similar). Then I reached out to ianhutchinson about the new "date/time tracking" option mentioned above. He said it's not quite ready to roll into production yet, but then he asked me if I could date/time stamp within Eloqua natively. I told him that of course I could - then my wheels started turning - so I told him I'd figure it out and let him know.


            1. Within the CDO, I first created a new date field.

            2. Next, I opened Data Card Services (again, w/in the CDO) and selected the processing step "Update Existing Record or Data Object."

            3. From within this step, I created a new Update Rule Set (Entity Type = Custom Object) and selected UUID as the lookup criteria field.

            4. Then I added an Update Rule to apply a "Date/Time Stamp" to the new data field.

            5. Within the Update processing step, I then selected the new Update Rule Set and matched/appended the UUID and Date/Time Stamp field.


            That's it - it literally took me about 5 minutes - and in testing by creating a new data card, then forcing the New Data Service (it runs natively every 15 minutes), it was successful. I then double-checked the Segment Filter Criteria setup and it's going to give us exactly what we were looking for in terms of segmenting on recency for video views. I'm pretty sure ianhutchinson was doing his happy dance when I shared the news w/ him. As a matter of fact, can we get a video of that, please, ianhutchinson?


            The big win for us is being able to easily apply the recency factor to our segmentation, which is what we are asking our teams to do with their other activity filters.



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              Cheers to out of the box thinking! Video of my happy dance to follow.

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                Brad West

                AWESOME!  I can't wait to try it out

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                  Great information on the technology.  I'd like to hear from people on best practices for video and how you've brought Vidyard into that best practice.  What type of A/B testing have you done and what results have you seen?

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                    I worked with Rob Bois on the following post: How does video impact the marketing funnel?


                    It discusses the different categories of video content that are commonly used by our clients. I wanted to include a category for C level executive videos but Rob talked me out of it.

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                      As promised - the happy dance: Ian's Happy Dance


                      Thank you to all of our awesome customers!

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                        Kristin Connell

                        Ian ROCKS! Woo-hoo! My first "happy dance!"

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                          Just to provide the links - Kristin wrote this guide on connecting the data cards to Salesforce.


                          Thread is here: