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    Event Onsite Check In


      For live events where the users are in Eloqua has anyone developed a way to display the list of known registrants in Eloqua and simply check them in?


      You would also need the ability to register walk up guests as well. With the number of people that use Eloqua for events I wanted to see if any one else had solved.


      If not maybe a feature request for the event functionality?

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          Eytan Abrahams

          I would say ask Eloqua what they use, but funnily enough at their Revenue Tour they were using Excel to check people in!


          That aside, I would think it'd be quite simple to have a landing page using lookups to display all current registrants, with a one-click "check-in" button that writes data to the datacard on attendance etc.  For walk-up guests I would think a hosted form.


          Never done it, but I'm sure the above wouldn't be too difficult.

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            Hi Shane,


            Something I have done in the past is created a super quick landing page with  a table that has just 4 columns First name, Last name, Email and Link


            then take the source html and put it in xl and insert a column at each data point, Once you have one row setup, you export your reg data fill down in your sheet until you have enough rows for each registrant and paste the columns for names email.


            Make an eloqua form  with 1 field(email) and use concatenate function to make a blind form submit link fro their email and have form processing add them to a attendee group.


            Copy and past all that source back on your landing page and you'll have a simple 1 click submit or print it off for a hard copy backup if internet goes down so you have a checklist that you can go back to and click for data entry later(which is why i have an attended check box, for checking off with a pen in hard copy).


            Its not fancy, or dynamic, but once you set it up once you only need to update the info in the columns in xl and make a new form for each event. I can now produce one of these in less than 10 mins and usually do it morning of just before the event and it works like a dream.


            Here's an example


            Attend Link Email Address First Name Last Name Attended
            Click to Check-in test@test.com NA NA
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              Wael Alaridi-Oracle

              Hi Mike can you please attach the excel file, and step by step / snap shots of how to do the setup in Eloqua & Excel, I was trying to do it however it didn't work out for me so far..

              Your help is really appreciated

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                Hi Wael,


                Sorry I'm focused more on Salesforce in my current role now, so unfortunately I haven't logged in to Topliners as frequently as I should. I just saw this now


                Ill record a video to show my steps this weekend and post a link here and a sample HTML/xl sheet so you can check it out.

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                  Ann Davis-Oracle

                  I just came across this thread. Eytan Abrahams is right about 2012, but we fixed that and had automated check in on last year's Road to Revenue Tour. It was a custom solution that was built by our friends at SureShot. I'm sure ryan.rijken would be happy to school you on that. It's way above my head. For this year's Modern Marketing Tour our Marketing Ops gurus ChrisMapili and Andrew Stafford-Oracle have an automated check in process for us as well. Perhaps one of them could comment on the solution.

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                    Hi Wael,


                    I didnt end up getting enough time to create a video walk through like I had hoped, but here is the link to the xl file and steps I use.


                    I am assuming that you already know how to set up a blind form submit and have it set up with a field to capture email. make sure the html field name is just the letter e. I am also assuming you have an existing landing page template in html so you can create a landing page from HTML upload. This is necessary because button on click function isn't allowed in wysiwyg editor.


                    OK so here are your steps


                    1. export your registrant list from eloqua and make note of how many rows there are
                    2. Download the xl here Dropbox - Click Table Template.xlsx
                    3. Update the HTML form name(cell B3) and Site ID(replace the xxx in cell C3 elqSiteID=xxx with your install information.
                    4. Copy and fill down All of row 3 until you have a row to match each row in your eloqua export.
                    5. One column at a time copy your first/last and email values from the eloqua export and past over top of the placeholder data.
                    6. after the last row add the closing </tbody> and </table> tags
                    7. Copy rows 2-last row and past into a text editor.
                    8. before and after your registrant info you will notice large spaces because of pasting from xl
                    9. highlight the space and then use the find and replace function to replace the space with nothing.
                    10. Now copy all and past into the html of your landing page and upload to eloqua and define all the page values as appropriate.
                    11. on save you will see a tble on your landing page with a unique link for each contact in your list.


                    Im sure someone here Like Sterling Bailey-Oracle who created this link calculater Eloqua Blind Form Link Generator could create a calculator to generate this table much more easily and cleanly but using this method i could create this checkin page in 5 minutes, it just requires you to have a little comfort working with code.