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        Proofread, proofread, proofread...have someone else check it...let it sit again at least overnight and look at it again with fresh eyes.


        I often send out similar messages for up to four different firms within our organization, so it's easy to copy an email and forget to change a minor detail (like someone's name). As simple as it sounds, I've created a checklist and will sometimes ask someone else to double-check a test email before sending out my final. The checklists includes things like Are all logos correct? Are all names correct? Are all phone numbers correct? Do all links work? Are all dates correct? Am I using the correct list?


        Measure twice and cut once...

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          Upasna Chandna

          Creating a check-list is a great idea. It helps in reducing agitation and prevents fatal activation accidents. My checklist includes - Double checking subject lines and sender information, testing the email in all browsers, form processing steps, date and time of activation as per the correct time zone etc.


          After all, prevention is better than cure.

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            Good tip. We've all been there...

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              I like this list that  Mark Halliday posted. The one thing I would add for the emails I do is to make sure "Allow Resend to Past Participants" is turned on because I mainly send transactional emails and it is not uncommon for me to send the same email twice. It's not the end of the world if I don't turn this on (there are workarounds), but it does make it easier.



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                ITA, jamiek - we do Test Sends to the whole campaign team, so when we didn't check "Allow Resend to Past Participants", they didn't get the "actual" send going to clients, and panicked that none of the clients got the emails either.

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                  Can someone provide an example of a good naming convention?  How did the bad naming convention affect your reporting?

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                    colleen.lerch, our group based its naming convention off one we got from Eloqua here. In our Marketing group, the people pulling reports are different than the ones building assets and configuring campaigns in Eloqua, so bad naming would mean disaster in reporting -- i.e. it wouldn't be clear to them in Insight which emails, campaigns, forms and LPs were theirs, and they'd miss some data.

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                      My advice for a naming convention is:

                      1. Be consistent!
                      2. Use the date (at least month and year) - also see #1
                      3. Call it what it is! Try to avoid crazy acronyms unless they are commonly used in your organization. (refer to #1) 
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                        Sterling Bailey-Oracle

                        We built a Asset Name Generator right into the Eloqua API and force our global users to use the tool every time they create a new asset. The tool is just a form with some drop-downs that allows them to select all of the components of the name (Year, Quarter, Asset Type, Product Type, Geo, etc.). Once they make their selection, the tool spits out a name in the proper convention. Here's an example of what it spits out:




                        The format is as follows: year, quarter, geo, country, product type, offer type, language, name (and the last one, (name) is a free text field for them to add whatever they want)


                        We did this to enable us to find assets quickly and easily - especially since we no longer have the tree-structure view like we had in E9. What's more, we use the convention to easily create reports in insight. It's been a life saver.


                        6-10-2014 3-37-55 PM.jpg

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                          Ugh, had a couple scares myself. Big reason I take a hard stance that if assets and decisions are complete at handover, I don't care about timelines, I'm not taking it. They can stomp, huff and puff all they want, it's just not worth it.

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                            I like this. I know it's exciting and people get anxious, but you have to "develop your sea legs" first.

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                              Ha, yeah, it's so easy to forget.

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                                Sterling, this is cool!

                                For Asset Type, Type, & Offer Type, what are some of your other options?


                                We'd like to build this and as newbies, are not familiar with the API but can build offline. 

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                                  This is a great post i'm currently taking my first deep dive into Eloqua this week and it's great to quanitify the importance of a lot of these things - in particular the naming conventions and the way this will help with reporting. One of largest problems to overcome is multilingual campaigns covering EU and ensuring that our maintain efficiency within the team.

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                                    About 4 years ago, while working at a company that sold through a channel model into the wireless industry, I confused my "ands" and "ors" while building a segment and mistakenly sent a newsletter from one channel partner (Sprint) to ALL of our contacts (Verizon, AT&T, US Cellular, etc). Our channel partners were none to pleased! Let's just say, 4 years later, I still obsessively check my segments 7 or 8 times before hitting activate...and then say a little prayer as the emails start flying.

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