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    HTTPS - insecure items versus iframe


      In a thread called "Few questions" user mironovalexey@yandex.ru wrote:
      3) Iframe added by ohw's view_topic.js causes Internet Explorer 6.0 to
      generate security alert every time when it loads the topic page by
      HTTPS (middle-low security settings).....
      When using OHW 2.0.11, I'm experiencing similar problems with popups
      complaining over unsecure items when using HTTPS.

      This seems to be a known bug of Internet Explorer and can be easily solved as
      documented on Microsoft Technet:

      Please add the SRC attribute in the IFRAME statement in the next release of
      OHW to solve this problem.

      Is there a workaround that I can apply till the next OHW release is released.
      Please specify the object to be modified.

      Thx in advance