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    How do I encrypt my password within OBIEE essbase server.properties file?


      I have been working through this and documenting how to update new BIPLATFORM and MDS passwords within OBIEE  This is a security requirement so they need to be changed regularly.

      I have OBIEE working against with the new passwords,  but in a few flat files on the linux server I had to put the passwords in clear text to load essbase.

      This is in addition to updating the data sources within fusion middleware's GUI.
      If you follow that, can you tell me how I can produce the encrypted value equivalent?


      The three files I need to update are these:







      I suspect that I may need to use epmsys_registry.sh to update the password (which may be a component property?), but I wasn't able to do that.  If that's the method can you help me with more detailed instructions?

      Can this be done via command-line within Linux or do I need to do something within Windows, then bring the resulting encrypted values back?

      Thank you