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    Known issues: the consolidated list!


      Closing this thread, new thread here: Known issues, again.


      I am consolidating the issues from Known issues and Re: Report post-migration bugs and issues here in this thread, minus the ones that have already been fixed. If I forgot anything or you notice anything additional, please report below. Thank you so much for your patience while we work through this. This was obviously a very complex migration and release, and we are working through these issues as quickly as we can.


      • Some Topliners users are unable to access their account. Many times this is because their reset password email is trapped in their spam folder. (Most often with Gmail or Yahoo accounts.) As a first troubleshooting step, please check your spam filter for an email from Oracle. As a second step, please report issues directly to Adrian Chang-Oracle or myself. [Resolved for most users]
      • Some users are not getting credit for completing missions, notably the Searcher mission. [Fixed]***
      • Profile photos are stuck in moderation. Normally they are moderated within one business day or less; right now both Topliners and OTN users are reporting their photos have been "Awaiting Moderation" for several days. I can confirm they are not showing up in the moderating queue. [Fixed]
      • The user profile has changed, and certain fields are now syncing from LDAP. Please review your profile and make any necessary changes. If you make a change on the MyProfile page, you will need to log out and back in before that change is reflected on the community. If your username is displaying a random string of numbers in the middle of it, it's likely because you are using an @ symbol in your username. This will cause an error.
      • There is no "Go Directly To" in Topliners. If you go into Topliners to look around you will have to use your back button or a different browser window to go back. [Fixed]
      • The banners in the Topliners spaces are intrusive and large. [We will update this--and yes, OTN banners will also be shrunk.]
      • No more Top Participants widget, it needs to be manually replaced by Individual Leaders widget and will happen over time. You can check out the global Top Participants on the Welcome page, and the OTN widget is currently on the main Oracle Community space. [Should be completed, please alert us of any spaces that still need leaderboards.]
      • Similarly, users can no longer be sorted by Status. We will look into replacing this functionality if it is desired by users. Feel free to create an idea in Oracle Community Ideas.
      • Default themes are intermittently not working correctly--if I go from Topliners into my inbox, it shows the Topliners theme rather than my default theme. [This is being investigated now.]
      • A "View in orgchart" broken link is showing up in the People search results. [We will update this.]
      • Editor toolbar is not sticky. [There will be a fix in the newest version of the software.]
      • Topliners Drafts are gone [Drafts could not be migrated.]
      • Actions are not working (users receive notifications but cannot view actions) [This is being investigated now.]
      • {0} and Null on profile fields instead of names [Fixed]***
      • Issue with editor toolbar and other content getting trapped behind the forum header [Requires theme customization so this may be a while]
      • "Sort by activity: newest first" is not actually showing activity in chronological order
      • Some spaces are not showing up in search. [Mostly fixed; report any remaining issues so we can fix on a space-by-space basis]
      • Users reporting forum timeout issues. [Fixed]
      • Users unable to create documents (not enabled anywhere public) [Users should be able to create personal documents and blogs]
      • Crashes when using Safari with iOS 7.1.1 on iPad  (and other general iOS issues)
      • Latest reply does not always show latest reply [Known issue, seems to be related to post editing]
      • Lost features as per What ever happened to the features we lost? [Most of these require customization; please prioritize in Ideas space]
      • Mention of a Patch generates a link to nowhere. [Issue currently under investigation by MOSC team]
      • Settings allowing everyone to edit documents/ideas by default [Issue currently under investigation]
      • Settings allowing users to branch posts and delete posts and replies [We were told there is no fix for this, pursuing an enhancement request]
      • Remaining Jive editor errors per List of forum editor issues and bugs [Cases opened with Jive]
      • Cannot view posting as a pdf [Issue currently under investigation by MOSC team]
      • Search is slow [Under investigation -- we discovered Search is much faster for non-logged-in users.][**
      • Links for Latest Acclaims (likes) work for replies of discussions, but not for comments on documents.
      • Skill endorsements may not be working [Issue currently under investigation]
      • Inconsistent search results and Global search for MOSC does not search content in child spaces [Issue currently under investigation]
      • When viewing Places, it claims you did not earn points in a place even if you did. [Under investigation]
      • Users reporting frequent logouts [Fixed]

      Also pinging Hemal-oracle for any update on the MOSC-specific items.



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