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    SQL Developer - Editor


      I am using SQL Developer

      Build Main 17.29


      I wanted to replace single quote markts.



      1. Clicked Edit and replace

      2. Text to search for "

      3. Replace with (blanked out NAME)

      4. Selected Text

      5. Cloicked OK


      Could not find ""


      Repeated steps above, qutoes replaced with NAME even though replace string was BLANK !!!!!!!!!

      Had to copy and paste to Open Office and do the replace in there.

      Has anyone else experienced that ? What good is an ide without basic editing capabailities.


      mod. action: please refrain to use such word in thread title, that won't be helpful to understand what you want, moreover violated rules to keep language professional, it has been modified accordingly.


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          Bear in mind version 4.1 is beta still. There are in particular well known problems with the Search&Replace functionality, hopefully those will be addressed in the next release candidate (EA2). In the meantime for your day-to-day work it is advisable to stick to version 4.0.3

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            I don't mind the harsh words, but could you use descriptive subject/thread titles?


            Here's how it's working in my current dev build. We are still finishing up the UI work in the worksheet, but here's what it looks like right now in the pl/sql editors.




            You can see the found occurrences of the search string immediately, and then they are replaced as expected when I hit the "Replace All" button. Note that the first time I ran through this, if I started with selecting text and hitting Ctrl+R, it noticed this and started with the highlighted mode toggled on.


            We hope to have an EA2 out soon so you can test this for yourself. Or feel free to give me another test case to run through until then.

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              hi Jeff


              Sorry about the headline, but I was really mad and I figured it would provoke a response. When I tried it and it replaced the " with something I hadn;t typed in. Being a developer myself I am surprised that this sort of thing got through testing. Up until now I was a strong advocate for SQL Developer, but a tool is only as good as its weakest link.

              After I posted it, I ddi think again and tried to edit it but it didn't let me, perhaps I should have deleted it.

              It looks like you have a good handle on this and I look forward to getting the next version. SQL Developer has a lot of cool features and agiain I apologise for the harsh subject line.

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                It's just easier to track issues when the thread titles describe the problem

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                  2683628 wrote:


                  I was really mad and I figured it would provoke a response.

                  Makes me wonder if I'm just too polite...