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    ODI Studio returns "could not load JDBC driver class" from Standalone Agent


      I'm following this tutorial (https://blogs.oracle.com/dataintegration/entry/odi_12c_and_eloqua_using) which works great on an Oracle VM where ODI Studio and Agent run together on same Linux VM.


      However, I get "could not load JDBC driver class" when connecting to a standalone remote ODI agent from ODI Studio running on Windows.  I deployed the ddcloud.jar JDBC client to this location on Linux server: $HOME/.odi/oracledi/userlib


      The agent has been restarted.


      I found this documtation:https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/install.1111/e16453/configure.htm#ODING297


      But this directory does not exist, and I did not think it is necessarysince ddcloud.jar has no other dependencies in other directories.



      Any other suggestions?