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    OBI page loading error


      Hi Gurus,


      Here i have a question all where now i am facing an issue.


      My OBI team is seeing some errors when the same version of some "XXXX" report is executed in Dev VS QA on IE 11 browser. The report works fine in chrome on Dev and QA.


      Problem; The same report from Dev is working fine in IE 11 browser, but the same report from QA  is not able to open.


      My OBI version in both servers is


      1)Report from QA, If you try to open in IE 11.0.9600.17633 then the login page itself shown error as "Your browser is not supported by Oracle BI presentation Services"

      2) Report from QA, If you try to open in IE 11.0.9600.17633CO then in report when i try pass date in prompt then the error was like "ReferenceError: 'XPathResult' is undefined"



      If you have any suggestions please address me.



      Naveen Kumar