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    Additional Detail Table Design Doubt




        We have introduced a new table which will have some other's table primary key as a key attribute. Please go through the below sample case and suggest the standard approach.


        For Ex:-


          Existing Table:  Customer table CUSTOMER with columns CUST_ID, CUST_NAME, CUST_ADDR

          New Table     :  Premium Customer table PREMIUM_CUSTOMER with columns CUST_ID, PREMIUM_START_DATE, PREMIUM_END_DATE


          In the above example, table PREMIUM_CUSTOMER will not be having a row for each customer (of table CUSTOMER) and also will not be having multiple rows for a given CUST_ID. So here in this case, do we need any new column to be introduced in table PREMIUM_CUSTOMER as a primary key or CUST_ID as a primary key is allowed and suffice as per EBS standards.



      Praveen Kumar Ch