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    We're now well into 2015!   What features would you want to see added in Eloqua 10 this year?

    Ken Lague

      Calling the Topliners community!   Please add your "wish list" features to this thread below.  To get this started, here are my Top 5 feature requests.  Some of these were lost in the cutover from E9, I know they are lurking in there somewhere!


      1. Bring back the ability to create new Profile Fields for Query Strings (utm_campaign, utm_medium, etc.)


      2. Bring back the old E9 Reports. Make Insight available, but add an interface to the E9 report console so we can choose which reports to use.


      3. Bring back the ability to add Profile Fields to Forms (e.g., IP address, Most Recent Search Keywords). So we can trigger conditional processing steps based on certain visitor profile field values.


      4. A single global setting to make Eloqua a true "opt-in" database. New contacts would be unsubscribed when they are first created. This can be done as a workaround today, but it's messy.


      5. Instant mobile rendering - get a quick snapshot of your Eloqua email and landing page rendered in different Android and IOS devices, without leaving Eloqua.


      These would make my life so much better!