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    WAC against a non-Oracle Mail IMAP server?

      We are currently in the process of evaluating web email clients. We also have OCS licensed for all of our users.

      Can the WAC be used against a non-Oracle mail service? We use the Cyrus IMAP server and Exim for SMTP.

      Luke Taylor
      Applications Development Manager
      Information Services
      University of Bristol
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          Hello Luke,

          While it is technically possible to connect WAC to a non-Oracle IMAP server for demo purposes, it is not recommended nor supported as a production solution.

          Notably, some key features of WAC (such as the personal address book) rely on Oracle Email Server-specific APIs and are therefore disabled in this IMAP-only compatibility mode. Basic email operations (like sending, receiving, and reading messages) still work, but advanced email preferences (such as user-defined rules) don't.

          IMAP-only compatibility mode was added during development for testing and demo purposes, and making it feature-complete was never a priority, so we can't recommend it for production use. If you're still interested, I'd be happy provide more information on how to set up WAC in IMAP-only compatibiltiy mode, so you can evaluate it for yourself.

          Hope this helps,

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            Hello Attila,

            Thank you for such a prompt response.

            We have a tactical requirement to quickly replace our current webmail solution.

            I hope in the future our technical strategy will look closely at implementing Oracle Mail instead of our Cyrus / Exim setup as a part of the further utilisation of OCS.

            For now, the WAC demo site gives us enough to see the potential of the product.