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    How to display on a dashboard page the info from 1 record below each other ?




      I need to make a dashboard page where I need to display the info from 1 selected person but I would like to display the different fields (name, address, city, country, telephone, etc) for that selected person below each other (instead as different columns in de grid).

      At may be a table but 1 field per row. So the output needs to look something as following :


      Customer                        100.001

      Name                              Peter 

      City                                 London

      Country                            UK

      Telephone                        +32-22-450562

      Fax                                  +32-22-222222

      Birthday                           15-02-1980


      How can I do this in a dashboard analysis ? Which type of view do I need to select ?


      Thanks a lot.