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    How to configure SSL for EBS 12.1.3 integrated with OID/SSO (


      Hi All,

      We have EBS 12.1.3 Application and Database ( integrated with OID/SSO ( running successfully.

      Our Production env have 2 servers as follow


      --DB server --

      EBS Database ( tier

      EBS Concurrent tier

      OID/SSO ( tier


      --Apps server --

      EBS Apps (web, forms) tier


      -- AD server --

      MS AD

      Integration is one way AD->OID->EBIZ


      Now outside customers needs to access application without using SSO, it will be local login page access with EBS password and will access only OAF pages apps tier.


      What option do we have with minimum configurations, please suggest ..


      1) We planned not to touch the EBS configuration and configure SSL on server level
         -- Is it possible ?
         -- Do we have to publish Apps and DB server both?
         -- What will be the minimum configuration including with EBS?

      2) What document to configure SSL for EBS integrated with OID/SSO?
         -- Dose it requires to configure SSL for OID/SSO first?


      Please suggest documents or links to keep in mind for future prespective where we may have to provide concurrent as well.


      Many Thanks in advance!!



      Ravi Purbia