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    Disable DFF Validation.


      Hi, i have created a DFF in the Purchase Requisition Headers that uses FND_GLOBAL.USER_ID to verify the User.


      User 123, the DFF's LOV can only show records related to User 123.


      when using the Purchase Requisition Summary Screen using a different Person (Example User 456)

      and I would query User 123's Purchase Requisition, it would validate the DFF values against the FND_GLOBAL.USER_ID

      and repeatedly display an error messsage such as:

      ID <id> for the flexfield segment <flexfield> does not exists in the Value set <valuteset>


      is there a way to disable the DFF's validation via Personalization?



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          Sanjay Desai EBS


          Can you give some more details/screenshot about DFF such as attribute name , value set and SQL used in value set.

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            Hi Sanjay,


            to give more details further, my DFF allows the End User to select their positions from Per_assignments_x.

            here's the query:

            select  NAME, NAME, POSITION_ID

            from    HR_ALL_POSITIONS_F

            where   position_id in (SELECT  paf.position_id

                                    FROM    per_assignments_x   paf

                                    WHERE   paf.person_id = FND_GLOBAL.EMPLOYEE_ID)  AND     ATTRIBUTE3 = 'PURCHASE REQUISITION'

            order by name


            Example, User 123 uses DFF, he/she can enter data 1, 2 and 3 and saves it into the Table. (Record User123)

            However, when User 456 checks Record User123, Oracle would prompt an error, because User 456 does not have 1, 2, 3 as his/her data.


            any idea how i can disable the validation when using PR Summary Screen?



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              Sanjay Desai EBS

              In your sql you have put the dynamic employee id means employee id of login user.

              means when user 123 login, it will returns the employee id of 123 and when user 456 login, it will returns the employee id of 456.

              I think the error msg coming is ok as per your sql.

              You alter your sql with :BLOCK.VARIBLE as per your need.

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                Thanks Sanjay Desai EBS, yes that's exactly the cause of the error message.

                However, i think the Form 1 (that user 123 accesses) and Form 2 ( that user 456 accesses) doesn't have a common :Block.Variable.


                It isn't possible to just disable the validation when Form 2 is used?