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    Unable to download Business Event System XML Definitions from Database


      Hi ,


      We are following the oracle documentation to download the business events from Oracle apps 12.2.3 instance.
      We are referring the section "To Download Business Event System XML Definitions from a Database"  in
      Here we are asked to
      specify CLASSPATH pointing to the Java Runtime Environment, the directory containing the Workflow JAR files, the Oracle JDBC implementation, and the following Workflow JAR files:

      • wfjava.jar--Workflow Java utilities
      • wfapi.jar--Workflow Java APIs.

      It is also mentioned that the Workflow JAR files should be located in the <ORACLE_HOME>/wf/java/oracle/apps/fnd/wf/jar/ directory.

      When I log into the application server, I could not find any folder called wf under <ORACLE_HOME>/wf/java/oracle/apps/fnd directory.

      Do I need to make any change or is there any change in the process of migrating business events to other instances.


      Our oracle applications version is 12.2.3


      Thanks in advance.