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    Post from Siebel to Eloqua




      I'm starting to investigate how we can integrate our on premise Siebel to Eloqua. Initially, we have a need to send contacts to Eloqua from Siebel. As I understand, Siebel can send a single POST to Eloqua to achieve this. If that is the case, is it just a matter of constructing the post within Siebel? For instance, I could use workflows to create this and post it: https://ourinstance.eloqua.com/createcontact.jsp?email=test@test.com&firstname=George&lastname=Harrison//ourinstance.eloqua.com/createcontact.jsp?email=test@test.com&firstname=George&lastname=Harrison (I am completely making up the string here of course).


      Is that basically how it would work or am I completely off? Does anyone have any examples of this is done?


      Many thanks for replies!

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          Your integration should be bidirectional, getting data from Siebel to segment contacts, and Lead flow and activities back into Siebel for sales to act on.


          Rather than do a ton of custom development, some of which may require a Siebel code deployment, I would recommend you look at an app like PutItForward to do that integration.  (Disclaimer, Perficient is a partner of Put It Forward - I like the app and feel it is the best solution for this integration as well)



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            Thanks for your post. I am aware of the 3rd party solutions that integrate Siebel and Eloqua, and that may be something we will use in the future. As I understand, there will also be a standard integration coming out later this year, although I have no details about this.


            I still want to understand how one can achieve the simple task of sending contacts to Eloqua. Let's say all we want to do for now is to send Contacts updated in Siebel to Eloqua, with email, first name, and last name as described in my first post. Does anyone have details of how this can be done in Siebel? What I really need to know is what does the Post URL look like if I were to type it in directly in the browser (would that work)?


            Many thanks!

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              You could do this like a blind form post - construct the url to just put data into an Eloqua form.  Then, using form processing steps, put in contact groups (shared lists) add to program/campaign, or other actions.


              Instructions for blind form submit are here


              I know that there is a product roadmap for Siebel for the next 5 or so years but not sure where API enhancements sit.  We have built out the integration using third party ETLs to achieve the bi-directional flow.



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                Thanks. I will take a look at those instructions.


                I see that there some kind of Siebel OnPremise setup screen in Eloqua. Started a new discussion as I wonder if this is a standard integration:


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