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    OBIEE failing to login - need advise


      Hey Gurus,


      Our OBIEE portal was not logging in for quite some time. When we entered the user Id and password, the screen would show up as if it is going to log in but it doesnt. our infrastrcture guy blames it on the following query. He says that its the long running query that is not allowing us to login. When logged in this report comes back really quickly but I am not sure how to tackle him. Is it possible that, this query is the problem ? It does not hold the database resources too. we have checked that. I believe he talking about the stale cache. I am not sure how to justify. Please help. please help with understanding the following log. He has highlighted the milliseconds. Iam not sure if thats the cause.

      {call NQSSearchIdentities('BOTH','GUID=b676f632e87d45089f968d5748790096')}

      ////////////////////Tasks stack for  thread: 1186302272////////////////////


      ********** Thread: 1186302272 Task: 1. Running for (mls): 16193413 ECID: 41b7da86b11c7c80:-28a3b08:14d40e178cc:-8000-0000000000063c06,0:1:33 **********

      Activity type: SQL Execute,

      ConnId:185; StmtId:3489; SQL::SET VARIABLE QUERY_SRC_CD='Report',SAW_DASHBOARD='/shared/GHM1_HomeDelivery/GHM1_Procurement/Dashboard',SAW_DASHBOARD_PG='HM1_16_35_Location_Book ',SAW_SRC_PATH='/shared/GHM1_HomeDelivery/GHM1_Procurement/Reports/HM1_16_35_Location_Book V2.0 condition';SELECT COUNT(*) FROM (


         0 s_0,^M

         case when '' ='Location' then "GHM1 TelDrug"."Dim - Inventory Loc Areas"."Address1"

      when '' ='Drug' then '1' end s_1^M

      FROM "GHM1 TelDrug"^M


      ('1' = Case when '@{pv_loc_book_sort}' = 'Drug' then '1' else '0' end or '@{pv_loc_book_sort}' = 'Location')^M

      ) djm

      ********** Thread: 1186302272 Task: 2. Running for (mls): 16193414 ECID: 41b7da86b11c7c80:-28a3b08:14d40e178cc:-8000-0000000000063c06,0:1:33 **********

      Activity type: ThreadPool<Query:1>.  job.


      ////////////////////End of tasks for  thread: 1186302272///////////////////


      ////////////////////Tasks stack for  thread: 1187354944////////////////////