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    Java SDK demo on Mac problem

      I am trying to run Java SDK demo on Mac and getting this error.

      Thanks for any help.

      2006-04-12 16:40:48.077 java[293] CFLog (21): Cannot find executable for CFBundle 0x3117a0 </Users/ws/capi/demo/java/OracleCalendarSDK.bundle> (not loaded)
      Failed to load bundle (OracleCalendarSDK.bundle).
      Bus error
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          Hi there,

          From the documentation.

          "The Oracle Calendar SDK for Macintosh contains both a Carbon shared library (OracleCalendarSDK) and a Mach-O shared library libcapi.dylib. The Carbon capi library is packaged as OracleCalendarSDK.bundle, from which the OracleCalendarSDK library can be copied if you do not want to use it as a bundle. The file libcapi.dylib is a Mach-O interface to the OracleCalendarSDK library and must be able to locate the OracleCalendarSDK.bundle at runtime in order to bind with it. The file OracleCalendarSDK.bundle must be placed in the same folder as your application."

          The above doc was taken from readme_mac.html#requirements that should be with your sdk package.

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            mistake: from readme_mac.html#Installation
            See similar threadID=379149.