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    Pipeline client proposal solution for EBS R12.2

      Hi all,


      We are submitting a EBS R12.2.4 solution proposal for a prospect client, with the following requirements:


      Modules/Number of users


      1. OPM Recipe  -         5

      2. OPM Prod Execution -  5

      3. Inventory  -          5

      4. Purchasing   -        5

      5. Sales  -              5

      6. Accounting  -         5


      Total Users             30



      My boss want me to make the proposed sizing of the CPU, Memory, Disk Space for the above Users.

      This will be for CRP, UAT, PROD server allocation.


      To make the pricing at the lowest bid, my sizing proposal are the following:


      1 High-end Server (e.g. HP, SUN, DEL etc) with:

      Memory   : 30Gb

      CPU      : 16Core

      DiskSpace: 2 TB


      This server will house the CRP, UAT, PROD  but only 2 maximum instances can be started up at any time.


      Can you please share me sample templates proposal that look like a corporate one, with matching diagrams?

      So I can put in my proposals?



      Thanks a lot in advance for your kind assistance.


      Yours Truly,