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    group calendar


      how can calendar user groups be accessed using the java api.

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          Not with the current release, but this is an enhancement planned for the next version of OCS.

          regards, Jean-Marc
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            This is year 2006. Is the group API available now?

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              What is it that you want to do with groups. The CSDK already allows the usage of groups. From our documentation:

              : Groups
              : Oracle Calendar Groups can be invited using a non-standard (but legal)
              : ATTENDEE property of the following form:
              : ATTENDEE;CUTYPE=GROUP;CN=developers:MAILTO:ignored@foobar.com
              : As suggested by the example, the property value (MAILTO:ignored@foobar.com)
              : is NOT used. In this example, the group "developers" will be expanded and
              : the members will be invited as calendar users. When fetching this event, the
              : members of the group (at the time of the call to CSDK_StoreEvents) will be
              : returned as individual ATTENDEE properties.
              : The server does not enforce uniqueness of group names - if multiple matches
              : are found, an error will be returned.

              If you mean manipulating group members, that is not available through the SDK or command-line tools. However, we are asking customers to move away from calendar-only groups and instead use more flexible LDAP-based groups. LDAP-based groups allow for manipulation of members using standard LDAP tools.

              Hope that helps,

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                Your suggestion is steady and honest. I have good impression. :)

                There have to be the deprecation, the deletion of the function to
                register these old stuffs from the current Calendar UI?

                :) :D :)