Known issues: the issues we know


    The previous thread is Known issues, again. The updated thread is here: Known issues, the latest and greatest


    • The banners in the Topliners and OTN spaces are intrusive and large. [Scheduled for 6/19 update. See Smaller Forum Banners **]
    • I beI believeFixeDefault themes are intermittently not working correctly--if I go from Topliners into my inbox, it shows the Topliners theme rather than my default theme. [Fixed]
    • A "View in orgchart" broken link is showing up in the People search results.  [Fixed]
    • Editor toolbar is not sticky. [There will be a fix in the newest version of the software; narrow your browser window as a workaround.]
    • Actions are not working (users receive notifications but cannot view actions) [This is being investigated now.]
    • Issue with editor toolbar and other content getting trapped behind the forum header [Also looking at this for our next upgrade]
    • "Sort by activity: newest first" is not actually showing activity in chronological order [I am not able to reproduce -- is this still happening?] [Going to remove this one as nobody has responded]**
    • Crashes when using Safari with iOS 7.1.1 on iPad  (and other general iOS issues)
    • Latest reply does not always show latest reply [Known issue, seems to be related to post editing]
    • Mention of a Patch generates a link to nowhere. [Issue currently under investigation by MOSC team]
    • Settings allowing users to branch posts and delete posts and replies [We are testing a workaround but need exceptions for mods and admins.]
    • Remaining Jive editor errors per List of forum editor issues and bugs [Cases opened with Jive]
    • Cannot view posting as a pdf [Issue is random and a bug is open with Jive --I believe a fix is in testing**
    • Search is slow [Under investigation -- we discovered Search is much faster for non-logged-in users.] Some improvements are in testing**
    • Links for Latest Acclaims (likes) work for replies of discussions, but not for comments on documents.
    • Skill endorsements may not be working [Fixed]
      Inconsistent search results and Global search for MOSC does not search content in child spaces [Issue currently under investigation]
    • When viewing Places, it claims you did not earn points in a place even if you did. [Issue currently under investigation]
    • Community Ideas leaderboard not working correctly (Visionary badges not being applied). [Fixed]
      Avatar and level images overlapping. [Fixed]
    • Issues with inbox counter not being accurate [Logging in and logging out will sometimes fix this]

    ** Updated 5/29/15