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    Returning Item values from - Form Page (Modal Dialog) - Universal Theme




      I am using Universal Theme - Modal Dialog (Form page, page 7) and planning to return multiple item values to the returning page 2 when dialog is closed.

      I am returning item values P7_DNAME & P7_DEPTNO from page 7 to the items P2_DNAME & P2_DEPTNO on page 2 but doesn't work.


      Form Page - Page 7 (Modal Dialog)

      Process - Close Dialog

        Items to return - P7_DNAME, P7_DEPTNO (putting here multiple items values to be returned on page 2)


      Report Page - Page 2 (which call modal dialog page 7)

      Here we have a Dynamic Action. I am using event "Dialog Closed" and "Set Value" action

      Event (Dialog Closed) -

         Action - Set Value

          - Set Type (Dialog Return Item) - P7_DNAME, P7_DEPTNO

          - Selection Type (Items) - P2_DNAME, P2_DEPTNO [here I am returning it to multiple items.]


      If I am returning more than one Page Item values, it's not working, any idea WHY?

      BUT if I am returning only one Item value, it's working perfectly fine.