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    OBIEE Admin tool in Windows 8


      Dear Experts,


      I have recently installed OBIEE, on windows 8, 64bit, I5 processor and 12 GB ram configuration.


      Installation is successfull, i can login all console,em, answers etc.


      Only issue is Administration tool to manage to RPD is taking around 30 mins to get opened. It just pops up the CMD windows and then stays for 30 min.


      Can anyone please help.

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          Gianni Ceresa

          There is no way to help you on that ...

          Have a look at the certification matrix for the Admintool is supported only up to Windows 7, Windows 8 is not officially supported and so it works but not well at all and can also not work at all.


          If you install the Admintool is officially supported on Windows 8 and it works really well.


          (Don't try to use the Admintool with your install, it will not work !)

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            Hi Gianni,


            Thanks for your reply. Is there any workaround for this. Actually it wastes so much of time waiting for Admin tool. will it work if I just install a obiee client seperately. or do I need to upgrade it to version.

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              Gianni Ceresa

              I'm not aware of any workaround, you must already be happy it open after waiting the 30min as it as not been developed to work on Windows 8.

              Installing the client separately will just give you the same result.


              If you really want to stay on Windows 8 you can move to and there it works good or get yourself a VM running Windows XP or 7 and install your Admin tool there inside.


              PS: if OBIEE is installed on the host OS itself (I guess it's a laptop based on specs) you maybe want to consider the move to VM for OBIEE.

              In this way you can easily change version or even have multiple versions available keeping your OS clean.

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                Hi Gianni


                Thank you so much. One more last help please. Can I simply download OBIEE version and install directly. Will it overwrite on OBIEE version. or will it create any issue and I shall loose whatever I have currently. If yes, then do I need to start from scratch like installation of RCU or directly I can run newly downloaded version.


                I am bit new in OBIEE. If it will be unsuccessfull and will be complicated then I can manage with whatever it is currently like admin tool is atleast opening in 30 min but can't loose entire thing.


                Thanks in advance.

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                  Gianni Ceresa

                  In theory you can do an in-place upgrade, it means that your current will be upgraded to and all your current objects will be moved to the new version (and it's installed over the old one, so same folders etc.).

                  The only possible problem is that in-place upgrade sometime doesn't work and produce issues. I did it on a linux install and it worked, but I have no direct feedback on how it can be on Windows. I saw a tweet about that earlier today, have a look at the posted link (I didn't read it....): OBIEE in IL: OBIEE - Upgrading my Windows to

                  That's probably your easier quick-win.

                  The upgrade require the full install files, so you can already start the download while reading the doc about how to perform the upgrade.


                  Just make sure to follow the upgrade process and not just do a normal install in the same place.

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