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    OBIEE Modeling Question


      Hello everybody,


      I have a question about obiee rpd modeling. If I have just one table and only want to use one table columns in my analysis, how should I crate the joins of that table? I see that lots of developers duplicate the table and joins with itself again. Is it the correct attitude or not? What is the best way in such cases.


      Thanks a lot for your help.




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          If you mean that the table serves as both logical fact and dimension you can simply use the same physical table in multiple Logical Table Sources, or you can Alias it in the Physical layer in order to create two versions to reference. Both approaches have their merits; the former can sometimes lead to more efficient SQL.

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            Christian Berg

            I agreee with rmoff and would just add:


            A non-aliased approach is better in terms of SQL for the case of role-playing flat tables. You can later-on always alias off additional instances, but for the sake of SQL execution I would heavily suggest keeping the core fact and dim LTS on the same physical table object.