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    Request Variable is not Changing


      Hi Experts


      I've set up a session variable CAL_TYPE with this sql: SELECT 'CAL1 NAME' FROM "SUBJECT AREA" and then made a request variable CAL_TYPE in a prompt to override the session variable in the rpd so that I can receive inputs from the user in the rpd and provide the user with relevant data based on the selected calendar type.




      If user1 go to the Calendar Type prompt and select CAL2 the analysis will return year, Month, Week and Day specifically from that Calendar.


      I want to do this in the rpd specifically because I want the user to build their own reports without having to think about presentation variables.


      Everything will be done in the rpd.


      My problem is that whenever I call the variable using @{biServer.variables['NQ_SESSION.CAL_TYPE']} the value of the variable does not change according to the user selection.

      It look like the session variable value is not changing.


      I hope I'm clear enough, please ask for clarity if you don't understand.


      Please help