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      Hi All,


      We are using R12.1.3.  I have create a valueset with the following query.


      select wnd.DELIVERY_ID

      wsh_new_deliveries wnd, wsh_delivery_assignments wda, wsh_delivery_details wdd

      where wnd.delivery_id = wda.delivery_id

      and wda.delivery_detail_id = wdd.delivery_detail_id

      and wdd.org_id = FND_PROFILE.VALUE('ORG_ID')


      Attached the same to a Parameter.  While submitting the concurrent request getting NO ENTRIES FOUND FOR LIST OF VALUES.


      After analysing FND_PROFILE.VALUE('ORG_ID') is not returning any value.


      Please find the screenshot attached which shows that all the Profile are correctly set & when I try to see the ORG_ID from Help > Examine, show the value.


      Why Parameter given NO ENTRIES FOUND FOR LIST OF VALUES.