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    patching R12.2.4


      Hi All,


      I have 2 patches to apply to my environment.

      197xxxx and 205xxxx,  a translation and an HR patch.


      So the question is, after setting ADOP phase=apply patches=192xxxxx

      , can i run APPLY again before doing the rest of the ADOP steps, like cutover, etc etc?




      After patch has been applied successfully, Complete the below patch cycles.

      $ adop phase=finalize

      $ adop phase=cutover

      $ adop phase=cleanup



      5) Synchronize the file system, which copy the new run edition code and configuration to the patch file system.

      $ adop phase=fs_clone  _---------> Is THIS necessary?


      thank you

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          Pravin Takpire

          Yes it is required to complete the steps



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            If you mean that you want to apply more patches in the same cycle then the answer is yes.

            Apply all patches and then continue with the rest of the phases.




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              The APPLY phase completed, Now I am running FINALIZE phase and it fails:




              attaching log file...thank you

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                the atrtached file is for failed FINALIZE phase. 

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                  So I don't understand this:


                  adop -status says:  (upgrading to RD.4)


                  Node NameNode TypePhase    Status    Started   Finished  Elapsed

                  --------------- --------------- ----------- --------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------

                  ebswlmasterPREPARE     COMPLETED    17-JUN-15 07:29:46 -07:00   17-JUN-15 07:44:25 -07:00  0:14:39
                  APPLY    FAILED    19-JUN-15 12:01:05 -07:00   19-JUN-15 01:59:14 -07:00  1:58:09
                  CUTOVER     NOT STARTED
                  CLEANUP     NOT STARTED




                  the adop apply patch completed successfully:


                  ATEMENT] [START 2015/06/19 01:59:16] Generating Report to spool all logs from ad_zd_logs

                          [STATEMENT] Report: /data/nfs_share/d01/oracle/PROD/fs1/EBSapps/appl/ad/12.0.0/sql/ADZDSHOWLOG.sql



                          [STATEMENT] Output: /data/nfs_share/d01/oracle/PROD/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/adop/21/apply_20150619_000001/PROD_ebswl/adzdshowlog.out



                        [STATEMENT] [END   2015/06/19 01:59:19] Generating Report to spool all logs from ad_zd_logs

                      [STATEMENT] [END   2015/06/19 01:59:20] Generating AD_ZD_LOGS Report

                    [STATEMENT] [END   2015/06/19 01:59:20] Generating Post Apply Reports

                    [STATEMENT] SQL Statement:       update ad_adop_sessions

                          set status='C'

                           where adop_session_id = 21 and appltop_id = 195 and node_name='ebswl'



                  [STATEMENT] [END   2015/06/19 01:59:23] adzdoptl.pl run

                  [STATEMENT] adop phase=apply - Completed Successfully




                  so why are 2 difft outputs?

                  Is this why the FINALIZE phase is failing?  or should I just run the CUTOVER anyway?