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    Whether users sign notification responses with password-based signatures have limitation to the user’s OS?


      Hi There,

      1 At first, Customr want to allow users to store their digital signatures into the system so that it’s readily available whenever they need to make transactions, especially approvals.

      Is this possible with E-Business Suite R.12.1.3? Can you direct us to instructions or guides on how to do this?

      2 Have provided the following to customer:

      You can use certificate-based digital signatures to confirm notification responses.

      If a notification requires a certificate-based digital signature, the user must sign the response with a valid X.509 certificate issued by a certificate authority.
      Before users can sign responses with their certificates, you must load these certificates into your Oracle E-Business Suite database using the Workflow Certificate Loader.

      If you want users to sign their notification responses with
      ‘password-based signatures’ or ‘certificate-based digital signatures’,
      those users must log in with their own user names and passwords to enter their signatures.

      For more information about setting up for certificate-based signatures, see: Loading Certificates for Digital Signatures.



      3 However,

      As for usage, found on page 27 of http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B53825_08/current/acrobat/121wfag.pdf

      “To sign notification responses with certificate-based digital signatures, you must use a PC with Microsoft Windows XP. Additionally, you must access the notifications in the Oracle Workflow Web pages using a supported version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.”

      –this seems mean that users on non-Windows computers cannot sign with certificate-based digital signatures at all.

      4 So customer want to know:
      What about signing with password-based signatures? Does it also have that limitation when it comes to the user’s OS?

      Many of the users are on Linux or Mac OS X.