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    APEX 4.2.5 with ORDS 3.0


      Hello All,


      Anybody using this configuration?


      APEX 4.2.5 inside DB

      ORDS 3.0.1 deployed on WLS 12.1.2 (AdminServer)


      RESTful services was configured successfully (no errors during setup).

      Both war files were deployed successfully.

      Ran the apex_verify script - output was clean (no invalid objects, etc.).

      I can access the static resources with no issue... http://hostname:7001/i/file.gif   or  http://hostname:7001/i/file.txt


      But I'm having 404 error when attempting to access... http://hostname:7001/ords  or  http://hostname:7001/ords/apex_admin

      This page displays the "ORACLE REST DATA SERVICES" banner across top of page.  With 404 error below it.


      Any insight is appreciated.