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    Web Data Lookups for Email Groups




      I'm struggling to find how to do a Web Data Lookup for email groups that someone is attached to. This Post mentions that you can "Display a specific web page to visitors belonging to an email group" so I assume it is possible.

      I'm building a custom preference/customer details update centre and this is the last piece of the puzzle!  Very keen to get it figured out


      When building my data lookups:


      Contacts doesn't work as I cant add email groups to a Contact View

      It doesn't appear to be in Visitor Data

      For Custom Object Records/Custom Objects - would I have to create these and update the Custom Object whenever I update the Email Group Subscriptions? Seems an inelegant way of going about it...

      Contact Group Memberships - a contact group doesn't appear to be the same thing as an Email Group? Or am I mistaken on that?


      Any help appreciated